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Résumé for Troels Arvin

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Family: Married. Children: Son born in 2002, daughter born 2006.

Contact information

Troels Arvin
Uldumvej 15
DK-2770 Kastrup
Cell phone: +45 51213121

Core competencies


IT related

2023 - IT Operations Specialist at Sweco.
2022 - 2023System administrator/chief advisor at the Danish National Genome Center.
Positioned in the high performance computing operations & support group, doing:
  • Postgres database setup, including replication
  • project work, assisting development group with ETL and table design
  • Ansible and script coding
  • ESXi system administration
  • SIEM (enterprise security/event management) system administration
2018 - 2022Deployment & support engineer at Vital Images (being renamed to Canon Medical Informatics).
Role: Assisting customers in robust setup and execution of Vital Images' products for handling and visualization of medical imaging data, including being part of a 24x7 on-call team.

Involves interfacing with

  • customers' IT and radiology departments
  • the company's development department

New experiences gained with

  • the Cassandra an Elasticearch NoSQL database systems
  • the Git version control system
  • tooling and troubleshooting around the DICOM standard
  • writing tools in Rust
  • operation of ZooKeeper and NiFi
  • standards, quality management systems, and regulatory frameworks within healthcare IT and medical equipment
  • being the teacher in internal courses on Linux, Git, Ansible, and DICOM applications

Further experiences gained with

  • Ansible
  • DB2, in particular HADR
  • failover clustering
2014 - 2018Database administrator (special advisor) at the National eHealth Authority which was in 2015 re-organized into the Danish Health Data Authority
Since 2016: Chief advisor.
Employed in a division for infrastructure development and projects in the IT operations department.
Areas of responsibility, activities, experiences:
  • DB2
  • Syslog centralization + anomaly detection
  • Check_MK
  • ETL using Python+SQL
  • AD integration: SSH, sudo, NFS, databases
  • Ansible
  • HPE 3PAR
  • Fibre channel
  • iSCSI
  • Red Hat Virtualization (RHEV/RHV)
  • The Slurm workload manager
  • Tomcat installations
  • Operation of Atlassian's Jira and FishEye
  • ITIL Foundation certified
2011 - 2014High performance cluster (HPC) administrator & engineer at MAN Turbo & Diesel.
Areas of responsibility/activities/experiences:
  • Rocks cluster and Red Hat/xCAT-based clusters, involving the Grid Engine scheduling system and IBM/SuperMicro hardware
  • Infiniband troubleshooting
  • Storage: Panasas (completed Panasas' System Administrator Training and Certification), Oracle ZFS storage appliance, fibre channel work, basic NetApp operation
  • Veritas Cluster operation
  • Windows Cluster operation
  • Documentum backend operation
  • Basic Oracle tasks (completed Oracle courses: Oracle Database Administrator I and RMAN Backup & Recovery)
  • Symantec NetBackup troubleshooting
  • Systems monitoring with Check_MK
  • Taking part of a 24x7 on-call rotation, involving troubleshooting of numerous systems
2007 - 2011Database administrator at the Danish National Board of Health.
As of 2010: Special Advisor.
In 2011: Re-located to the National Board of e-Health (NSI), with unchanged duties.
  • DB2 on unix: Installation, fixpak-application, monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting; backup management using TSM; federation; GIS
  • Design of database tables/views/routines
  • Python programming: ETL routines and specialized monitoring utilities
  • MSSQL: Installation, backup/restore, service pack installation
  • Oracle: Installation, minor troubleshooting, patch installation
  • Informix: Installation, basic configuration, backup/restore
  • AIX: Software installation, monitoring, LVM-handling, HMC-tasks
  • Storage: IBM XIV, IBM ESS/DS4000, and Hitachi AMS storage handling; Fibre Channel zoning, monitoring
  • System administration of SAS installations
  • Network: SNMP-based monitoring, VLAN handling
  • Xen- and KVM-based virtualization of & with Linux; PowerVM virtualization af Linux
  • ESX: Monitoring, troubleshooting, minor configuration tasks
  • Specification of a K02 tender, and subsequent collaboration with winning company
  • Completed a 10 day project-manager course and exam
2005 - 2006System administrator and release manager at XPonCard (now: Idema).
  • High availability setup of software configuration management system, involving Linux, Apache, Tomcat, PostgreSQL
  • Administration/documentation/customization of Subversion (version control system) and JIRA (an issue tracking system)
  • Programming software development helper tools, using SQL, C, C++, Python, C#, and shell scripts
  • Network/service monitoring, and performance measurements
  • Documentation and development of release management process, focusing on traceability and reproducibility
2005System administrator at Department of Animal- and Veterinary Basic Sciences at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (now: Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at the University of Copenhagen).
Time limited employment.


  • Administration of servers used for bioinformatics, including cluster technology, such as OpenPBS.
  • Query handling, e.g. BLAST jobs.
  • Database administration
2002 - 2004On and off: Freelance jobs for various companies.
Experiences with
  • E-commerce
  • Development with MSSQL
  • Mail-server administration, including anti-virus/-spam
2001 - 2002
System administrator and web developer at TV 2/INTERAKTIV.
Formal job title: Chief programmer.

Experiences included

  • Mass operation of Linux servers (and a few Windows NT servers) with special focus on security and performance
  • Systems monitoring
  • Development and operation of PHP web sites
  • Systematization of developmental and operational routines
  • Load balancing and and proxy-based HTTP acceleration
  • Development for, and operation of, MySQL and PostgreSQL database systems
  • Micro-payment handling
  • operation of network related software, including Postfix, Sendmail, thttpd, FTP-servers, and OpenSSH
  • basic Cisco router and load balancer configuration
2000Web developer and system administrator at

Experiences included

  • Technical coordination of programming and deployment
  • Web-development with PHP
  • Linux server installations, database optimization, DNS configuration
1999Web developer at the Enterprise Interactive web agency (current name: "Brandhouse")
Experiences included
  • Web-development with PHP+MySQL
  • Implementation of Internet-based credit card solutions
  • SSL certificate handling
  • Creating of RPM packages
1996 - 1999Various part-time IT jobs.
Mainly employed at organizations related to the University of Copenhagen
Work included
  • configuration and maintenance of Windows hosts
  • Netware/Linux server-integration
  • basic Linux server operation, focusing on the Apache web server
  • teaching (MS Word course, Internet course for medical doctors)
  • Government Standard for Electronic Publishing
  • perl programming
  • configuration of Linux "thin clients"

Non-IT jobs

IT, other

Educational background

2010Single subject course (15ECTS): Database Tuning at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)
2005Master of Science in Software Development at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU)Degree, in Danish: "Cand. it."
1999First part of medical school, University of CopenhagenCorresponds to a bachelor degree;
special interest: molecular biology.
1991Mathematical high school. School: Birkerød Gymnasium
1988One year as a sophomore at high school in California


Speech & writing: Danish and English.
Speech: Danish, English, Norwegian and Swedish.

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