Troels Arvin's home page

A couple of words about me:

I live with my wife, son, and daughter in Copenhagen.

Job: Database administrator at the Danish Health Data Authority.

Educational background: Master of Science from the IT University of Copenhagen.

Current writing

I'm currently working on a page comparing different SQL implementations.

And I have a weblog.


Various links (in Danish).

Contacting me



cellular: +45 - 5121 3121
work: +45 - 4171 4816


Troels Arvin
Uldumvej 15
DK-2770 Kastrup

The address on a map.

Speaking of geography: My OpenStreetMap edits.
And my TripAdvisor reviews.

My public PGP key. My public ssh2 key.

Bitcoin address: 1LQSMUdD4HTwaBWgCyWSP8ZVBPDMJRhqsT

























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